Plastic Surgery for Your  Bumper!

Free quote Check list:

  1. -Photos… 3 to 4 taken at a 45 degree angle  
  2. -Text your photos to 702-574-3996 or email     to  
  3. -Location: 450 E Silverado Ranch Blvd,  #120-189 Las Vegas, NV 89183



     "Paul, owner of United Bumper Repair of Las Vegas has done a fabulous job in repairing my bumper. You can’t even tell that there were cracks in it. He is very professional, and a very personal gentleman. The price to repair it was unbelievabe. Doesn’t get any better than that." Louise Kissinger

  Came out within one day and did an awesome job after someone sideswiped our front bumper. Even buffed out the scrape on the headlight at no extra charge. Very affordable too!! Highly recommended!!" Julie Ferguson 

    "You did a damn good job on my bumber. All his equipment is top of the line. He must have sanded 10 to 15 times untill he got itright on.He has top of the line paint equipment to match your color perfect. I made a 200 mile round trip to get my bumper fixed and I am glad I did. Perfect Job. THANKS" Matt A.  

    "I can't believe the quality of my bumper repair. The cost was 1/4 what the shop asked for. He matched the metallic silver paint on my Toyota perfectly. I am going to challenge my friends to find where on the car the repair was done. It took a little longer than I expected but he also fixed 2 other small scratches for no additional charge! Paul is a super nice guy and very easy to deal with. I am recommending him to several friends and co-workers." Eric myers

     "I figured that this "touch up guy" would repair my bumper with some type of spray can job like some of the others and it would look half way decent....boy was I wrong! Paul actually repaired my BMW bumper better than an auto body shop and for way less $$$! I was quoted over $900.00 for a "new bumper" and Paul repaired it for less than half of that in my driveway in about 3 hours. Keep up the Great work and I enjoyed our talk we had!" Wilber Benitez

    My Mercedes Benz CLK430 front bumper is low to the ground, is easy to damage and I have had it repaired before. Unfortunately it hit something again and cracked. I was hesitant to call a mobile guy because with no brick and mortar location it is easy to hide if there is a problem. Between watching Paul's video and talking to him on the phone, he seemed like a guy I could trust so I gave him a try. He did an excellent job on my car. He worked on a tough job and the bumper looks great. He is a stand-up guy who is very good at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone.". Dave Olesczuk  

     "Dont look further if your looking for someone to fix your car, I bought a new car and put a deep scratch in the side of the bumper. To say i was bummed is an under statement. I called lots of repair guys and some were quite flakey, one guy told me to drop of my car and when I showed up it was a completely different guy and he wanted to fix the wrong bumper where there wasnt even a scratch so I left. I called Paul and he told me to take a cpl pics and then text them to him and he called me back and said he could fix it,of course i was a worried but he took the time to explain the process, I have to tell you he was meticulous, he spent about 3 hrs and after he was done I was AMAZED. You could NOT tell there was ever any damage. I highly reccomend Paul this guy knows his stuff and you can tell he is very passionate about what he does." Mike Huff

    "While visiting in Las Vegas, our parked 2012 S4 was accidently hit by another vehicle. This left an indent on the front bumper of our car. We were bummed, but planned to have it fixed in a shop when we got back to California. My daughter and son-in-law recommended trying Paul before we left. After reviewing his video and Google reviews, we thought we would give him a shot if scheduling worked out. Lucky for us, we were able to schedule an appointment. Paul was very flexible, knowledgeable, professional and courteous. He even fixed a small unrelated blemish on the bottom of the bumper, at no extra charge. He completed the job in less than 4-hours. The repair was excellent and the paint was a perfect match! His pricing is very reasonable for the quality of work performed! We drove back in a car that looked as good as the first day it drove off the showroom floor. After serving over 31+ years in law enforcement I am always leery of "quick fixes", but Paul is the Real Deal!!!!!" Jim lynch

    "Paul is not only exceptional at what he does, his business model is amongst the best I have ever seen. His professionalism, skill set and his prices set him aside from all other mobile repair operations in Las Vegas. He did an amazing job on my vehicle when others were telling me why I needed to bring it to a shop and leave it and to break out the check book. Paul came over to my home to survey the damage, found a spot that he thought might not come out 100% and the reduced my charges as a result. Who does that? Paul does. He does that because he has honor in his profession and character that is a throwback to a time when the customer mattered. If you are looking for someone who cares about their craft and your experience before a profit, Paul is the only call to make. As an update, please note that the area he was concerned with came out 100% and he still kept the price at the lower one that was quoted, I was humbled and appreciative. I don't do survey's online, this is my first, which should tell any reader that I definitely recommend Paul to all in need; you won't be disappointed, guaranteed." Michael PenDragon

    "The bumper on my car was cracked, smashed and not in good condition. I sent Paul pictures of the damaged area and he gave me a quote over the phone, it was the cheapest quote out of all the ones I had received. Paul was consistent with his pricing, keeping it the same even after seeing it in person. Even though his price was inexpensive, his work did not reflect that. After Paul finished with the repair, I meticulously looked at his work and could not find one minute flaw. The bumper looked brand new, showing no signs of previous damage. Paul is very personable, professional, neat, and efficient. The fact that he does house calls is great for saving time and money. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is looking for outstanding work on their damaged vehicle." Bob Bish 

    "Let me start by saying, I NEVER take the time to write reviews. I am a very skeptical person and I always feel that I can do better. I always take the time to research before I choose a particular product or business. Needless to say when my wife's brand new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder fell victim of the all too common "Parking Lot Hit and Run" we were very upset. It was an eye sore to say the least & that new car feeling was just lost forever. The bumper had been struck out of alignment and the whole driver side of the the rear bumper was scratched and missing a lot of paint. I thought about going through my insurance because I didn't think I could ever get it done for less than my $500 deductible, but I still tried anyway. I got a couple quotes and they were all way over my deductible. Then I was referred to Paul from a co-worker who had some work done by him before. I saw his car and I knew the quality was good, but I was still expecting a high price. So I gave Paul a call & sent him a couple of pictures of the damage and got a quote for less than half of the cheapest body shop. After talking with Paul and listening to the details of how he would perform my repair I could tell he knew his stuff. I work 6 days a week and do not have the time to bring my car to a body shop and wait days or weeks for them to finish. Knowing this, Paul came to my work and did the repair in the parking lot. I have to say I was a bit worried that the paint might not blend or match, but Paul showed me the equipment that he used to mix the paint and it was state of the art. I gave him the keys at 9:00am and by the time I took my lunch break at 12:00pm he was finished!!! Now let tell you about the results>>>I knew where the damage was & how bad it looked just 3 hours ago, but when I inspected the car, I could not tell that it had been hit at all!!! I am so amazed that he could perform this high quality repair in a parking lot!!! I can't imagine ANY body shop with a professional paint booth that could do it better. I would dare say that some body shops couldn't even do it as good as Paul for that matter!!! I would recommend United Bumper Repair to anyone needing a professional repair at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time compared to a body shop. Paul was very professional, punctual, passionate about his work and overall a super nice guy. When you call, you might have to wait a couple of days to get an appointment because he does keep quite busy, but don't make the mistake & rush to go with some other company who can take you immediately. Believe me when I say, Paul's quality of work is worth the wait!!!" Leighton Lyew 

    "I have a 2012 KIA Optima Hybrid that Paul worked on 2/11/2014. I bought the car brand new, and I managed to back into a pole within 3 months of owning it. I waited to get it fixed, and after a while of looking at the damage I self inflicted on my own car, I started researching places to get it repaired. The lowest was around $500, so I put it on the back burner. Then months later while getting the windows tinted, the owner of the tint shop suggested a bumper repair guy do the repair, I hadn't heard of this before, so I checked it out. Paul's video explained the process, and was the most thorough of anyone I spoke to or researched. He quoted me a price of $225 and stuck to it, even when I offered a tip. The bumper on my car looks exactly like the day I bought it. He matched the repair work perfectly, and now I don't cringe when I look at the back end of my ride. Definitely and A+ job, and an honest guy. If you're legitimately looking to get your bumper repaired, this is the guy to call." Brian Powell

    If you need your bumper repaired or painted...PAUL IS THE GUY!!!!! I drive a 1997 Mercedes and the other day I bumped into a truck so a part of the side of the bumper came off. I took the car to a few places to get quotes and the first place I went to charged me about $560 because he said I needed a whole new bumper. The second place I went to said he could just fill up the hole and charged me for $375. I looked up other places and they all had bad service like the first two. They either took forever to reply or never responded. I decided to give it one more shot and so I looked up United Bumper Repairs. I emailed and texted Paul and he responded later that day! He actually DROVE all the way to my house from the hospital to just take a look at my car. That was when I knew I was going to choose him. He suggested I buy the part and then he'll do the paint job. I agreed because buying the part on my own would be much easier than paying more for a part at an auto shop. I bought the part which was about $189 and called Paul for the paint job. Now, Paul just had a baby daughter and that was why he had been so busy but he still managed to squeeze in time just to fix my bumper! He came and it literally took about an hour and it was finished. I went out and I was speechless with the results. IT WAS AMAZING. I am really happy with the results and I will and definitely be calling him again if I ever need paint job done. Paul is definitely a person you can trust with your car. He doesn't turn words around and he sticks to his word." Angel Luu   

 "After having a bad experience getting quotes to repair our Van with other vendors, I was skeptical on trying to find another company to repair the bumper on our car. I googled "Bumper Repair" and saw United Bumper Repair. I contacted them via text as instructed on their website with photos of the damage and received a text message response promptly. Paul came out to assess the damage on my 2012 Sonata and said that that he would send me a quote later that day which he did. He came out this morning to my office, repaired my bumper and did a fantastic job! I am definitely using him on all future bumper repairs and will recommend his company to others who are in need of any paint job repairs. " Marlon Alameda