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Tail Light and Headlight Tint

    Tail Light and Headlight Tint in Las Vegas. Are you thinking about getting your headlights or taillights tinted or smoked? If you ask me my opinion I think it makes the car look pretty slick looking. I seem to like the lightly smoked lenses. When they’re completely blacked out to me it seems like it’s a cheap plastic cover that went over top of your taillights and or headlights. Not to mention the safety factor. Yes I know I know I know I sound like a wimp. But here’s why.

     When I see taillight tint here in Las Vegas while I’m driving, it’s a little scary! A few months ago I was driving down the road in the daytime and I saw a car in front of me with blacked out taillights. When I say blacked out I mean blacked out! When they applied their breaks I couldn’t even see the brake lights come on. I almost rear-ended them. What about their third brake light? No, I could not see that either because of their black window tint. Now I’m not against customizing your car but sometimes two things should not be done together like blacked out lights and blacked out the rear window tint. This is rear end collision waiting to happen. At night it’s a different story. The Park lights and brake lights are strong enough to penetrate through the black tint. On the other hand, if the car is parked on the side of the road, that cars taillights will not be able to reflect my headlights back to me. Try driving down a neighborhood road one night. Look at all the lights that reflect off of the taillights without the car’s lights even being turned on. Now of course you have to be an idiot to rear-end one of these cars just driving down a neighborhood road. But there are times and places were someone would park where you would least expect it and if they have tented taillights that don’t give a reflective glare of your headlights, that might be a problem. Not to mention the police may harass you.

     This is why I prefer the lightly smoked taillights rather than blacked out taillights. Its still safe, looks cool and the police may not harass you as much because they can still see the red tint from behind the car. The Department of Transportation requires that all vehicles must project the color “red” for running lights, brake lights and turn signals. Amber is also allowed to be used for turn signals and only turn signals. The only white light that is allowed to be emanating from the rear of the vehicle are reverse lights (when the car is in reverse). When the tail lights are completely blacked out there is no red light reflecting back out of them from the car that’s driving behind them. This is why it is unsafe and in most states illegal because of the Department of Transportation deems it to be.

      I did some headlights on a guys Mercedes Benz. I did a couple of light coats of black tint. He looked at it and said make it darker. So I applied more coats he looked at it said no let’s go darker! He wanted me to put more and more until you could not see any headlight bezel or any chrome that’s behind the clear headlight cover. His headlights were now completely blacked out. I said to myself well he’s a paying customer I’ll do it he says. He called me about two weeks later and asked “is there some how you can take this black tint off of my headlights? I can’t even see when I’m driving down the highway at night.” So to make a long story short I was able to sand it all off and then wet sand and buff his headlights back to normal again. This is the other reason why I like lightly smoked taillights and or headlights.

     I offer two types of tint finishes, lightly smoked and jet black. Lightly smoked lenses allow you to slightly see some of the lenses features, lines, depth and Red color… where jet black only lets you see the “light” when the brakes/park lights are applied. When spraying taillights, I recommend doing a lightly smoked layer followed by some automotive clear coat. If your reverse light is located within the taillight, this is another reason why I like to go with the lightly smoked tint. When you’re backing up you still get to have some type of light from the reverse lights to help you out as you back up.

     I can also tape off your reverse light area and spray tint on the rest of the taillight. Then I can un tape the reverse light and clear coat the whole taillight. This ensures that you get maximum light when you’re backing up. I see a lot of cars were seems like the owner of the car attempted to spray his or her own taillights. I usually can tell because the taillights are very foggy. The tint that is applied onto the taillights is usually dull and needs clearcoat. Not spray can clearcoat but automotive clearcoat. You sure won’t find foggy or dull finishes here! All tail lights are finished off with high quality automotive clear coat to ensure a quality look and a lasting result!

    Most taillights do not have to be pulled out of the car to be tinted. They just need to be taped up, lightly sanded, sprayed, clear coated and untapped. That’s really about it. The whole process can take anywhere from 45 min. to an hour and a half. I am able to come out to your home or office to perform the process right on the spot. This saves you a lot of downtime and headache from having to drop your car off at a shop. If you’re looking for taillight tint and live in Las Vegas feel free to give me a call. 702-574-3996 or visit my website