Plastic Surgery for Your  Bumper!

Free quote Check list:

  1. -Photos… 3 to 4 taken at a 45 degree angle  
  2. -Text your photos to 702-574-3996 or email     to  
  3. -Location: 450 E Silverado Ranch Blvd,  #120-189 Las Vegas, NV 89183


    Tired of getting ripped off at auto body shops in Las Vegas? Then look no further. I offer affordable on the spot mobile bumper repair. Las Vegas is known for great looking cars and trucks. If you need a whole panel painted, Spot blend, bumper repaired, ripped, punctured, torn bumpers, or just a simple touch up… My mobile unit is fully equipped with the latest computerized paint matching system, primers, base coats and clear coats. I also offer a lifetime warranty with my repairs for as long as you own your car! Remember… you don’t just want a great warranty, but a repair that will outlast the warranty! I offer both with every repair!

     I started my company after seeing people get ripped off at auto body shops. I know they were getting ripped off because I was a painter at one of the busiest body shops in my area. I would see the estimates of the repair before I would paint the bumper. Most bumper repairs would cost between $700.00 – $1,400.00. The paint portion was only around $175.00 – $375.00. The rest was for body work, disposal fees, new bumper (did not need!), disassembling and reassembling. Over 75% of the damaged bumpers should be…. “repaired, on the car”. Auto body shops in Las Vegas make a killing on bumper repairs because of the unnecessary cost that the customer is unaware of.

    I’m not saying “never go to a body shop in Las Vegas”. Just don’t go for small things like bumper repairs. Las Vegas body shops are to be used as an “Emergency Room” visit at a hospital. Things like a major collision damage, all over paint job, or a side swipe involving multiple panels. These are the things that body shops are meant for. Would you go to the “Emergency Room” for a broken arm? I’m sure you would! But not for a skinned up knee. That’s where I come in…

    Most bumper repairs take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to complete and can be repaired at your home or office. The color match is preformed right on the spot with my quarterly updated paint matching software that surpasses most auto body shop’s paint systems and materials. You are able to drive your car with in a half an hour after the repair has been completed. Car wash? You can wash your car with in a few hours after the repair has been completed.

    Do you need an estimate? Just give me a call! The best way for me to give you an accurate estimate is for me to see photos. It is sometimes difficult to give an accurate quote without seeing the damage because of so many variables. I like to give a price quote, show up and repair the damage for that price quote so that there are no surprises to offend anyone. Most customers send their photos via text. You can also send them to my email With over 16 years of Auto body shop experience and passion, I’m sure you will be more than satisfied! If you don’t live in the Las Vegas area and have concerns about your repair, big or small and would like my advice before choosing a type of repair procedure…give me a call :) I’m more than happy to help you with any questions you may have!