Plastic Surgery for Your  Bumper!

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    Do you have a scratch in your cars paint that you think can be buffed out? This is really difficult to know if it can be done if you’re not a pro. A lot of people call me to get scratches buffed out. It is very difficult for me to determine if a scratch can be buffed out. Giving a verbal description over the phone or even sending me photos is still very difficult. Even when I’m trying to wet sand the scratch out is still not a guarantee it will come out. The best way for me to see if the scratch will come out is if the customer meets me somewhere close to where I live. This way I don’t have to charge the customer to come out to their home and then tell them “sorry you have to paint the whole panel because the scratches to deep”.

    Here are a few tips to try and help you determine if your scratches can be buffed out. If the scratches seem to disappear when the paint is wet from rain or washing the car. This is usually a tale sign that the scratches are only surface scratches and should be able to be buffed out. The other thing to look for is if your fingernail doesn’t really catch the scratch when you move your fingernail up and down the scratch. If your fingernail barely catches the scratch usually this means the scratch can be buffed out.

     I wouldn’t really recommend anyone going to a body shop to see if a scratch will buff out. Body shops are in the business to make money. One of my old bosses would tell me or the other painter to buff at a scratch for a customer. It wasn’t a problem, it usually took less than 5 min. The problem however the customer’s vehicle would stay at the body shop overnight. This led me to believe that the management was lying to the customer. I believe they were charging the customer to paint the entire panel. By the car staying overnight gave the illusion that the panel was painted. I could never prove it but based on other outrageous lies I would not put it past them.

     I had a little hot rod a while back that I used to take the car shows and drag races. I got to know a lot of people there. A lot of my business came from car shows and drag races. People would always come up to me and say wow who painted your car? Of course I would say me! I remember one gentleman approached me and was complaining that he got scammed out of a good paint job. I said to him where’s your car? We walked over and looked at his car and it looked like somebody painted it with a spray can. But it was a base coat clearcoat paint job. I told him I think we will be able to fix this paint job by wet sanding it and buffing it. We gave it a shot. The whole job took about three hours to complete. After I was done the car look like a sheet of glass. Boy was he happy, I fixed this problem for him and he did not have to get the entire car repainted.

So when it comes to buffing out scratches, it is very hard to determine if it will work over the phone or through photos. The best way is to give me a call and we meet up somewhere. If for some reason I cannot buff out the scratch I can give you a quote for repainting. If you find time please click the page below “scratch repair Las Vegas” this also has some other information on this subject you can also give me a call 702-574-3996.

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